How To Handle Anxiety In College

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Anxiety in college…. funnnnn. (No.)

When starting the chapter of college, teen experience their whole life changing overnight. This new transition means separating from traditional family and friend structures, walking into the first of many unknowns, and being forced to branch out of their comfort zone for the first time.

This new journey comes with many new challenges including living with roommates, some of whom may be strangers, managing hard classes and juggling social pressures.

It is common for anxiety in college to spike as many new students are beginning to know their true identity and perhaps living outside of the family home for the very first time.

How can you cope? Hey Missy! wants to share some tips on how to deal with anxiety as a college student. 

Stressed Out? You’re Not Alone

First things first, you should know you’re not alone. Anxiety is caused by many factors and is very common among the collegiate demographics. This anxiety can be caused by stress associated with hard classes, a different sleep schedule, and trying to balance your new workload. It can also be associated with loneliness and isolation. Moving away from your friends, family, and comfort of home is a big change that often comes with feelings of loneliness along the way. Societal pressures can cause anxiety in college for new students as well. From clubs to new friend groups, trying to navigate who you are and who you want to become plays into who you surround yourself with (and how stressed out or peaceful you feel!).

How to Cope with Anxiety in College

Approach the situation head on. The reality is that college is challenging for most students and a good chunk of those students avoid the problem instead of facing it head on. If you are feeling anxious and out of place skipping class and staying in bed all day or missing assignments won’t solve your problem. Instead you need to practice one step at a time the things that are triggering your anxiety to overcome them. If making new friends is a struggle, be intentional about introducing yourself to a new person in class each day. If finding a place to fit in is hard, checkout the job board for clubs or communities that may interest you. If you are falling back to academic pressure, set up a time with your professor to talk or carve out an hour a day in your schedule to study. Whatever, it may be by taking small steps and recognizing the problem you can work towards fixing it both long and short term. 

Take Care of Yourself

The transition from highschool to college for most means no more home cooked meals, routine eating scheduled, and consistent habits. When new to college many students struggle with developing good habits for routine exercise, healthy eating, and keeping up with themselves. However, there is truth that feeling good starts internally and you need to prioritize taking care of yourself. Eating healthy fuel will allow you to go through your classes feeling energized instead of sluggish. Developing these healthy habits is essential in your own well being.

Ask For Help

This initial transition is hard. Many colleges offer resources centers to help students navigate these initial weeks, months, and years. There are a number of resources depending on your needs from school counselors to academic tutors and mental health experts. The best way to deal with your anxiety is to get to the root of the problem, and these experts are in place to help.

You’re Doing Your Best

At the end of the day, all college students deserve a pat on the back. You just changed up nearly every aspect of your life and are attempting to find yourself along the way. Give yourself the grace to feel what you’re feeling knowing that you are not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Your time in college will come with tremendous personal growth and set you up for a long successful future. Remember, everything good is worth working for and if you’re having a bumpy start just know that you’re on your way.

Melissa Seigle is a licensed therapist and life coach for students focused on eliminating your anxiety in college and helping you gain both the the mindset and skillset to thrive.

I want to help you today.

With a particular focus in the college aged demographic, Hey Missy! is a creation from my own personal and professional experience and my specific formula for ending anxiety (yes, I swear it can be done).

I know just how hard anxiety in college can be, and I know that sometimes all it takes to start change is an initial conversation! I’d love to get to know you, talk to you, and help work through this time right by your side! Click here to start the conversation.

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