I often joke that I wish I could go back to college knowing what I know now to have a do-over.

All the hype about “the best four years of your life” wasn’t even CLOSE to my experience. Instead, I spent most of college drowning in anxiety, overwhelm and comparison. I was more worried about fitting in, getting high grades, and keeping up with my social life than taking a step back to see if how I was living was working for me (hint, it wasn’t!).

Living out of alignment like this manifested in sleeplessness, unhealthy exercise and eating patterns, anxiety attacks, crying spells, feeling out of place/different and a deep longing for home. It seemed like everyone around me had it all figured out and I had missed the meeting about “how to college!”

Fast forward to almost 20 years later, not only have I walked my own path to healing and fulfillment, but as an experienced mental health clinician I’ve helped hundreds of clients find their own way through anxiety, overthinking and overwhelm. I know now what I was missing! 

Now, I know how important it is to connect with my authentic self and know my values. I know how to check in with myself, what matters to me, and how to show up for myself from a place that is grounded and empowered—rather than rooted in “not enoughness.” 

Watching so many of my college-aged clients start to grow, thrive, and live connected and empowered, I realized I wanted more young women to have access to this mindset AND skillset.


I’m so grateful for the opportunity to offer to others what I wished I had known. My clients get the powerful information that took me into my 30’s to truly understand.

With 12 (plus) years of experience as a clinical therapist specializing in adolescents and young professionals, I’ve been blessed to work with clients of all backgrounds, ages and walks of life. In the past few years, I noticed something interesting… a particular client profile started showing up in my practice all the time—COLLEGE WOMEN! 

These clients felt a pull towards my practice, the space I held for them, and the insight I offered. Why? They were feeling ALL the things I had felt. They were looking for the SUPPORT I had searched for.  I had more to offer them–a different, deeper lens that wasn’t just based in meditation apps, journaling and trying to “let it go.”

Hey Missy was born out of a desire to connect with and serve on a broader scale women who are in that potentially crazy stage of “emerging adulthood.” 

These women are trying to figure out what matters, what’s important, how to have your own back, how you show up for yourself, and then for those around you. I took the long road to figuring this stuff out, but with my experience as a therapist, mental health advocate, feminist, and coach, it’s my true honor to show the “short cuts” to believing in yourself to my amazing clients.

I always say yes to: a good book, puppy snuggles, long days in the mountains, sparkling water (watermelon please!), strong women, social justice, belly laughs, lifting people up, a bluebird powder day, and being with the people I love.

I think life is too short to eat gross food, wake up (too) early, read boring books, nod politely when you disagree, live by someone else’s agenda and forget to choose yourself. 

Hey Missy is an online coaching community that serves college women in enhancing mental health, serving foundational empowerment skills to build self-trust and self worth, and develop the mindset and skillset to THRIVE.