Anxiety Alchemy
for “Emerging Adulthood”

(yep, it’s a real thing, ladies! Ages 18-25)

Anxiety Alchemy Course - Hey Missy

Anxious to Aligned in 5 Weeks

With Licensed Therapist and Coach,
Missy Seigle, MA, LPC


***Starts Oct 2nd, 2023***


Are you stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and struggle to shift your mindset?

Do you sometimes just want to turn your brain off and stop over thinking EVERYTHING?

Is your anxiety affecting your work, grades, social life, and relationships?

Do you consistently feel on the edge of burning out?

Transform your headspace with my simple step-by-step method of mindset tweaks and the powerful coping tools you need to access your best self, with my real time support along the way. Learn how to regulate your emotions in a healthy way, shift your thinking patterns, and find calm and confidence.

Does this sound like you??

  • You have so much to do but you’re paralyzed and do nothing instead
  • Your friends call you out as the “overthinker” who rehashes every interaction of the day
  • You miss out on cool moments because you’re caught up and worried about the little things
  • You show up to support everyone EXCEPT yourself
  • You think being hard on yourself is the only way you’ll get things done and be successful
  • You get anxiety ABOUT anxiety–which makes it hard to sleep, study, or work much less be social
  • You’ve tried “meditating” and “journaling” but it just didn’t help and you’re over the generic coping skills

If any of this sounds like you, it’s time to disrupt the cycle, sister. No more letting your time, focus, energy, and livelihood be consumed by anxiety spiraling and over-analyzing

When anxiety and self-doubt run the show,  it’s so hard to get sh*t done, be social, feel like yourself, sleep well, and enjoy self care and free time. Especially when you could be enjoying time with people you love, crushing school or work, and spending intentional and restful time off. You deserve this–and I promise you can have it!

life coach for college students

Hi, I'm Missy

I’ve been there, and I totally get it. I want to give YOU the support and skills I wish I had been given when I was feeling this way. Because I KNOW somewhere underneath all that overthinking, self-doubt and anxiety… is a confident, calm, self-assured, badass human who deserves to show up the way she wants. Anxiety Alchemy is here to get you from anxious AF to secure and self-assured through tips and live support from a licensed therapist’s expertise.


I created this live, 5-week online course to give you the shortcuts I needed when I was a young adult struggling with anxiety.

In my 5-week coaching course, “Anxious to Aligned,” you’ll learn to unleash the mindset AND the skillset you need to feel empowered, grounded,and confident

This isn’t just about the same ol’ coping skills!!! 

Discover with me the tangible, simple, foundational and life-long skills required to show up for yourself and navigate the tough stuff.

Here's What You'll Get!

  • Weekly group coaching support calls – you can ask questions or just listen!
  • Weekly Voxxer (Voice Note) Office Hours for personalized, confidential support
  • Access to the Private “Anxiety Alchemy” Tik Tok Channel with weekly course content drops. You’ll get 3-5 min tips and tricks with fast takeaways to watch on your time (if you don’t have Tik Tok there will be other venues to access the content)
  • Printable Journal Pages

What My Clients Are Saying:

“Missy literally changed my life. I was barely eating and the stress of doing well in school in order to “please everyone” had finally gotten to me. Missy helped me align back to who I used to be as a kid. Once I found that place, I started to finally enjoy life again.”  – Jamie ‘FSU ‘22

“I’m more organized and feeling the best I’ve felt in a long time. I thought everyone else knew what they were doing. I thought I was the only one “without” direction or thoughts of what was after college. Missy helped me realize we’re all just figuring it out. And how to organize my life so that I am at my best more often. It’s made a huge change in my life.” – Gigi Montana State ‘24

“I feel like I can breathe again. I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin and just being myself. My grades are better, I’m not considering transferring anymore, and I’m excited for the rest of college instead of dreading it.” – Julie Emerson ‘22

During our 5 weeks together, you’ll get access to the ideas you need to:

– Feel and understand your BIG emotions… and figure out what to do with them

– Decrease reactivity to anxiety and stabilize intense moods

– Unlock the strengths of your anxious mind--and figure out how they can support you!

– Learn how your inner critic is really what’s sabotaging you AND what to do about it

– Understand the reason trusting yourself is critical to motivation and time management….and how to do it

-Tap into the wisdom of how to show up for yourself and G.Y.O.B (get your own back!) rather than relying on others to do this for you


This course, “Anxious to Aligned” offers the unique combination of powerful content you can consume on your own time, the option to connect and hear from others who are experiencing the same things, and personalized “Missy in your Pocket” office hours to get real time advice. All from a licensed therapist and experienced coach! 

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Miracle Question Method: Ignite the path to your best self

Lesson 2: Feeling BIG Feelings: First, get curious about the feelings you shouldn’t ignore and then learn how to feel them!

Lesson 3: The MOP technique–how the RAS (cool neurobiology!) system can work for or against us

Lesson 4: Connect with your unconscious mind: Affirmations for Anxiety

Lesson 5: Grounding techniques on the go

Extra!! Quiz Time: Decode your inner personality

Lesson 1: Your internal fire alarm and how it works

Lesson 2: Anxious mind vs. Grounded mind

Lesson 3: The Flip Side–Strengths you didn’t know that come with anxiety

Lesson 4: My Judge to Detective Technique: How to stop being your own worst enemy and let your best self show

Lesson 5: 3 Steps to Clarity: Curiosity, Self Compassion and Kindness

Lesson 6: How ride the wave and feel it–Regulate before you problem solve

EXTRA! How to DERF: Distract. Engage. Rest. Feel. —You need this!

Lesson 1: The unhelpful thinking patterns that hold you back (and how to reality test them!)

Lesson 2:  Understanding and befriending your inner critic

Lesson 3: Overcoming Overthinking

Lesson 4: Go from self sabotage to successful 

Lesson 5: The power of PAUSE

Lesson 6: The G.Y.O.B (Get Your Own Back) Game Plan

Lesson 1: My she LIVES Method:  find out who you are and what you stand for

Lesson 2: Do you choose yourself or lose yourself

Lesson 3: Aligned action combats anxious thoughts!

Lesson 4: Influencer Alert: What throws us off course

Lesson 5: Dealing with the “what ifs” and “not enoughs”

Lesson 1: Self Trust and Future Trust

Lesson 2: Lean on me–healthy support systems

Lesson 3: How boundaries strengthen relationships

Lesson 4: Self-care hierarchy: The REAL way to avoid burnout

Lesson 5: Being the gatekeeper of your mindset 


-The calming tool you can take anywhere!

-The power of our Wisemind

-Emotional Tolerance Toolkit

-Channel Changers/Mood Shifters

Frequently Asked Questions:

Coaching services are usually defined as a proactive approach for support and guidance around daily living, achieving goals, shifting mindsets, and moving through life transitions. Coaching is generally present and future goal focused and often includes teaching around skills, mindsets, strategies, and application rather than a lot of processing work. 

Anyone can be a coach – there is not currently a governing board with unified requirements such as licensing requirements or out of state work constraints. This is both good and bad because it allows for a lot more flexibility in the coaching space, but also leaves room for unqualified coaches posing as experts. ALWAYS do your research and ask about credentials and experience when looking to hire a coach. A licensed therapist can operate in a “coach” capacity which means they are not providing psychotherapy and are limiting the scope of practice to coaching. 

My credentials: I’m a licensed, Master’s level therapist with 15 years of experience in my field. This means I had to obtain a master’s degree, pass national and state licensing exams, complete 2000 hours of post graduate supervised work, and complete speciality training and proven continuing education in order to keep my licensure current.

Coaching can be extremely supportive and helpful in an area of your life where you:

  • Feel stuck
  • Feel like you’re repeating the same thing over and over again and getting the same results
  • Would benefit from some outside perspective
  • Could use some tools to shift the way you think or behave around something.

Hey Missy works with clients in all of these areas! The benefit of how Hey Missy is structured is there’s lots of ways to get support on your own time, rather than having an hour session. There are lots of different ways to engage in the program whether it’s watching the bite sized skill building videos, showing up for a group coaching or hopping on voxxer for office hours for some “Missy in your pocket” support. Hey Missy was created for busy young women in an effort to be approachable, affordable and deliver results!

As previously stated, coaching is more solution-focused on present and future goals and includes teaching around mindset, skills, coping tools and applications towards a particular goal. Coaching generally involves less processing or past focused work in comparison to psychotherapy. A big difference between the two is that coaching does not follow a medical model. No mental health evaluation or diagnosis are given during coaching work and it is unethical to use formal treatment planning or interpretation of psychological assessments. There are different ethical standards between coaching and therapy as coaching is a less clinical approach than psychotherapy. Coaching can allow for more flexibility in the delivery of services due to having less restrictions, such as seeing clients across state lines, and the ability for online content/group formation with more accessibility.

If you have a mental health diagnosis, I highly recommend having a licensed therapist as your primary provider for treatment. Hey Missy can be a great supplement or concurrent resource for someone struggling with a diagnosed mental health problem, but generally I recommend starting with a higher and more clinical level of care. Especially if you are experiencing or have been diagnosed with a mental health issue that requires more specialized observation and targeted treatment (ie OCD, Eating Disorders, Suicidality, Self-Harm). Hey Missy is a great program to do concurrently if you are receiving a more specialized treatment, and can serve as parallel support. If needed, Missy and your mental health provider will consult on fit in this case.

The short answer is no, not in this space. Right now, Hey Missy is a coaching community focused on empowering and supporting young women through gaining the emotional skillset they need to be confident leaders, grounded thinkers, and thriving humans! BUT I hear from young men all the time and a lot of the same needs exist – so I’d love to create something along those lines someday!

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