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You love your student. Your student is struggling. How can you help them get back on track and help them develop better habits in school without anxiety, perfectionism, and overwhelm? A life coach for college students can make all the difference. 

Hey Missy! is a life coaching program for college students to support them by creating a safe space to share concerns and create a focused plan to maximize success. 

College is a hard transition. Life is full of them, too.

Life can be scary, frustrating, overwhelming, and anxiety-inducing. College is one of the first major life transitions that young adults make. By setting your student up with a life coach, you can build a foundation of emotional stability and healthy coping skills, not only during school, but afterwards (and onwards).

Young adults (they are still our kids), often have trouble talking to their parents about the deep issues in their lives. Let’s face it – our grown kids have a history with us as parents, we’re known everything about them for their entire lives. College is often the first time that our kids start living their own lives. 

A life coach for college students can help them stay on track (happy, healthy, and thriving!).

What does a life coach do? Think: combo counseling and empowerment coaching. Hi. I’m Missy Seigle, LPC, owner and founder of Hey Missy!, coaching for college students. I started my journey into life coaching for young adults after I built my counseling practice (Conundrum Counseling) and realized that I needed to follow a passion of mine: growing a student support coaching practice to reach the young “me” and be the person I needed when I went to college. 

You can read my story here. You see, I went to college thinking that I had it down! I mean, I did well in school, had made friends, and had a social circle there, but when I moved and had to “start all over again” – I found that the social aspect and overwhelm was, well, overwhelming!!!

Plus, everyone else seemed to have the college thing down. I felt out of place. And, it all made my question my self-worth and self-esteem. I struggled. I wanted to quit, but I couldn’t face that – thinking it would be me essentially becoming a failure. My perfectionism made it so that I was burning candles at every end too, and instead of my work and life being more perfect, the anxiety and self-induced pressure was a ticking time bomb. 

Your student can thrive with a solid life coach by their side. 

What does a life coach do? And, how can you find the best life coach for students? These are valid questions (and very common!). Firstly, a life coach for students checks in with them in a nonjudgmental way and provides a safe space to vent, dissect the issues they face, and create a plan for success. There are many influences at college and a life coach can help your student lean on a solid support during their transition into college and for the times when everything is simply “too much.” 

And how can you find a virtual life coach for your college student? You can look online (hello!). Then, you can decide which program fits your student the best. Finally, we recommend scheduling a free breakthrough session with Missy to learn more and discuss what’s going on.

Have more questions? Tour my website here. I can’t wait to meet you and your student! ~ Missy

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