Stepping into Alignment with Confidence

Hey! We have news to tell you. If you’re reading this, chances are at some point you have dealt with feelings like lack of confidence, no clear direction, no sense of purpose or being, or simply just feeling like you don’t have it figured out.

Well, you’re in the right place.. cause we all do! Life is not always easy to master, there are seasons of growth, chance, discomfort, confusion, and all of the not so fun elements that are part of the rollercoaster ride we call life. Some good news however, you’re the master of your own ship. It may sound silly, life throws curve balls and yes sometimes things are simply just out of our control. However, when the going gets tough, well , the tough better get going! Hey Missy wants to share some stories with you that cover struggle, confusion, and searching for a sense of alignment to show you how to embrace the beautiful and messy ride of life and enjoy it every step of the way. 

Life comes in stages. We begin as newborns and transition into children where we learn basic yet necessary skills. We are mostly dependent on our parents, figuring out our surroundings, and simply growing up in this beautiful world we live in. Flash forward to the awkward age of adolescence. I don’t want to say this is where it begins, but well, sometimes this IS where it begins. If there is one curve ball you can guarantee is coming your way in this life, adolescence is its first name. This transitionary period for most of us is horribly awkward, at times uncomfortable, and utterly confusing! As we start to watch change take place from our physical appearance to our hormones it is easy to feel like along the way you are losing yourself. The truth about self alignment and confidence, is that it is not easy to master at any age. You can be 12 or 52 and still be struggling with them to align your core values such as your mindset, skills, and master confidence. So, we want to show you how. 

Self Alignment 

Before we get started, we want you to know that self alignment and confidence is a work in progress. It is not a one size fits all and it takes work to become. You’re on an individual journey, and that means your journey is different from everyone else around you and will require your help to work towards self alignment.

Alignment can mean different things to different individuals. For some it can be making sure your purpose aligns with your day to day, making sure your spirituality aligns with your morals, or in a broad sense making sure every essence of your being is aligned. This form of alignment is known as self- actualization. Once you can master self actualization you learn to be your own biggest fan. 

Steps Towards Self Alignment

There are a few ways to work towards self alignment in your life. We want to share a few core concepts that will help you work towards self alignment and become the master of your own ship in a way that is meaningful and impactful for you. 

  1. Desire/Purpose

For most, desire or a driving purpose is a propellant through life. Most people dream of having a purpose that they can work towards and this purpose is unique to each individual. In order to work towards self alignment you need to figure out first what drives you (its also ok to not know). Instead of moving forward with the pressure that you HAVE to have a purpose to be successful, instead think to yourself what inspires you, what drives you, what do you dream of doing? From this a purpose and desire can be birthed, move towards that! 

  1. Your Mind/Feelings

Those who master their mind, master themselves. Oftentimes the thoughts in our head can overshadow our feelings, and our thoughts aren’t always nice. When outside forces, environments, and opinions begin to alter or cripple your thoughts about your direction, your confidence, or yourself stop and realign. Refocus your thoughts with your feelings, and try to ensure that one does not overshadow the other. Keep your dreams in mind, keep your mind in focus and keep pushing on!

  1. Your Words/Actions

We’ve all heard it before, actions speak louder than words. When it comes to self alignment, both are equally as important. You must not only speak your words but believe in them! Speak your truth, ask questions, stay curious, and most importantly be nice. Be true to your word, be authentic, and let your actions follow suit. When you want to align yourself you must live what you speak. This means following through on commitment, practicing self love, being patient, and working towards the goals you have in mind. 

Life is not always easy.

There will always be times of confusion, frustration, or even sadness. When you feel like you have lost your way, it is ok. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and work towards aligning your mind, body, and soul. Be the master of your trade, live curiously, follow your dreams and watch them come true. 

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