Perfectionism and Anxiety (How to Deal)

perfectionism, anxiety and being perfect, how to deal

Perfectionism is a trait that is appealing to most, on the surface. From athletes to students to mothers, we all strive for a certain level of excellence. While having high standards and goals is a good thing, the fine line between doing your best and toxic perfectionism sometimes gets blurred. Hey Missy! wants to share […]

How To Handle Anxiety In College

anxiety in college, anxiety in college students, life coach for college students, Hey Missy goes over the different stressors for students

Anxiety in college…. funnnnn. (No.) When starting the chapter of college, teen experience their whole life changing overnight. This new transition means separating from traditional family and friend structures, walking into the first of many unknowns, and being forced to branch out of their comfort zone for the first time. This new journey comes with […]