8 Week Coaching Program

Overcome Overwhelm and Anxiety on Campus in 8 Weeks


  • Weekly Content Modules–Drop Mondays!
  • Hey Missy Handbook/Workbook including tips, tricks, and self-discovery exercises
  • Twice weekly group coaching calls–submit questions, struggles, celebrations, support for other, or ask on the go if there is time! (You can always just tune in and listen and learn too!)
  • Private Online community to connect with others, share celebrations, information and support.
  • Unlimited email/text support from yours truly! (Me!)
  • Private accountability and support check ins
  • Self-care/Stress Reducing ideas and SWAG. 🙂

This program is for college women (and eases their parents mind too!) who:

  • Are struggling to find the right support for overwhelm and anxiety
  • Are sick of waking up feeling the same–stressed out and overwhelmed–everyday and are READY for things to change
  • Need resources, training and professional support to up level their mental health game
  • Are ready and motivated for change

Sound like you (or your kid?)—-Book a Call Now and we’ll discuss if this is the right fit for you 🙂

Who is this NOT for?

**Worriers to Warriors is NOT for those who are struggling with issues that need a higher and more clinical level of care and have been diagnosed with a mental health issue that requires more specialized observation and targeted treatment (ie OCD, Eating Disorders, Suicidality, Self-Harm). This is a great program to do concurrently if you are receiving a more specialized treatment, and can serve as concurrent support. Missy and your mental health provider will consult on fit in this case.

Coming soon……Freshman Transition Program! You’ve academically prepared for years to make it to Freshman Year—but what about emotionally! This program will include all the support, mindset, tips and tricks and info you need to make that first semester as smooth as you’ve imagined!