Admit It (We’ve All Felt These!)

Feelings.Are.Confusing. There we said it! The good news about feelings, we all feel them. That means while there are times when you will experience feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, stress, etc there is light at the end of the tunnel. It may feel like there is no way out, but we want to assure you there is. In the meantime, we want to share some steps on how to navigate these feelings, master your thoughts, and live your best life!

Being Overwhelmed

Everyone experiences different feelings and different levels of stress. These are all triggered by a number of different causes and all take their toll differently. When it comes to identifying ways to navigate these weird, hard, or uncomfortable feelings, sometimes there is comfort when you can identify the source. Some common reasons that cause stress, anxiety, or feelings of being overwhelmed include: 

  • Relationship issues
  • Physical or mental health illness
  • Job/School demanded stress
  • Lack of proper nutrition and diet
  • Financial distress
  • Significant life changes
  • Loss of security or comfort 
  • Time constraints
  • Death of a loved one
  • Personal traumas
  • Lack of proper sleep

If you can identify the reason that your stress began or an answer to its source, sometimes that can help in the process. For example, when leaving highschool to go to college that is a BIG life change. While society deems it the normal path, you are changing nearly every aspect of your life in a very short amount of time. Leaving friends and family, being thrown into a different environment, facing the challenges of a college level routine, etc. It is normal to feel anxious or overwhelmed. This doesn’t mean you aren’t pursuing the right path, it means you are out of your comfort zone. The one good thing about being out of your comfort zone. You GROW!

Recognition and Resilience

Once you can identify the route of what is bothering you or causing these foreign feelings you can work towards solving them. Grant yourself patience. It is ok to not have it all figured out or know all of the answers, because none of us do. Grant yourself the freedom to recognize that you are experiencing these feelings, acknowledge how they make you feel, and work to change them so you come up with a long term solution instead of a quick fix. Talking to someone is always a good option. This could look like a family member that you trust and value their opinion, a friend who always has your back and will stick by your side, or an outside party such as a therapist that is trained to help you navigate these feelings and provide a safe space. 

Outside of talking, somedays writing can do the trick too. Get your thoughts out on paper, write your feelings (the good and the bad). Sometimes, simply putting them out there and letting them go releases their control over you. 

Be Present

If you are going through a rut in your 20s, be in the moment. We know this might sound ideal if the moment isn’t necessarily fun. But the truth is you’re in the middle of some of the greatest moments of your life. So embrace all of them for what they are. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Breath and recognize where you are, take a moment to be completely present with all your thoughts and feelings, and grant yourself the patience to learn to navigate them. You’re not alone, but you are in charge. 

For more ideas on ways to navigate the tricky thing we call life, let’s connect!

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